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Rapport Annuel ESG Microsoft 2021

As we look towards 2030, the world will need all the ingenuity it can muster. Because as signifcant as COVID-19 is, it’s not the only challenge our world faces.

Climate change presents environmental, social, and economic crises on a whole new level. For nearly two millennia humans have been carbonizing our planet and we need to act together to decarbonize.

Our first annual sustainability report, released in January
2021, showed early progress on our commitments to
become a carbon negative, water positive, zero waste
company by 2030 and protect ecosystems by building
a Planetary Computer.

2021 was a year of both successes and challenges.
While we continued to make progress on several of our
goals, with an overall reduction in Scope 1 and Scope
2 emissions, our Scope 3 emissions increased year over year, due in substantial part to significant global datacenter expansions and the growth in Xbox sales and usage as a result of the pandemic.

A closer look at 2021
During our most recent fiscal year, we grew business revenue by 20 percent while continuing to reduce our operational emissions, as represented by Scope 1 and 2 combined, with a decrease of approximately 17 percent through our purchasing of renewable energy the entire value chain) have increased by about 23 percent year-over-year. 

These emissions include, among other things, the carbon emitted from electricity generation to power devices at home or at work and for producing the concrete and steel we use in construction.

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